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We offer Group & Private Training

Private Sessions

Private sessions are the best way to begin your movement journey with us. The are perfect for you if you are coming from physical therapy, are postpartum, or are dealing with any kind of pain/discomfort in your body. You will work directly one on one with one of our Teachers to fit the needs of your schedule and set goals that will leave you feeling positive and stronger in your body.

55 Min Sessions

Single session = $90 > BUY NOW

4 sessions = $352 > BUY NOW

8 sessions = $688 > BUY NOW

12 sessions = $1,008 > BUY NOW

Duet Sessions

Train with a partner, family member, or friend and enjoy being guided through a workout to help you achieve your goals set by you and your instructor.

Gyrotonic® Duet Sessions are offered weekly. Contact the studio to find a partner! It is recommended that you do the Intro Session prior to beginning duets and classes.

55 Min Sessions

Single session = $100 > BUY NOW

4 sessions = $384 > BUY NOW

8 sessions = $736 > BUY NOW

12 sessions = $1,056 > BUY NOW

Studio Fitness Classes

Enjoy a variety of fitness style classes from Barre, Mat Pilates, and Yoga as well as functional fitness and HIIT style workouts.

Our class sizes are limited to 8-12 participants to give you the ability to learn progress and feel seen and safe in all classes.


To purchase our monthly pass, drop by the front desk or give us a call.

Studio Fitness Classes

Single session = $25 > BUY NOW

4 sessions = $79 > BUY NOW

8 sessions = $120 > BUY NOW

Pilates Equipment Group Classes

All of our Pilates classes are taught based on the Pilates Principles and utilize mixed equipment from the Pilates Reformer, the chair, barrels, and towers as well other props.

Classes at MMC are limited to 6 participants giving you the ability to learn, progress, and feel safe and seen in all of our classes.


To purchase our monthly pass, drop by the front desk or give us a call.

Unlimited Monthly pass $259

Month to Month Contract. 30 day notice to cancel.

Unlimited Pilates Equipment Classes monthly.

To purchase, drop by the front desk or give us a call.

Equipment Pilates Class Pricing

Single session = $35 > BUY NOW

4 sessions = $120 > BUY NOW

8 sessions = $224 > BUY NOW

What our clients have to say about training at MMC...

Meet Hannah

"I’ve taken Pilates classes at a number of studios (SolidCore, Session, etc.), but Mckinney Movement Center is easily the best. At other studios, I didn’t get the feedback and instruction that I was looking for. The instructors at McKinney Movement Center put together really diverse sessions, whereas at other studios I felt like I was doing the same exercises over and over again. They also know their clients - what their goals are, pain points are, etc. - and put together sessions that are thoughtful of each person in the class. I also love the variety of equipment that we use (chair, rings, box, hand weights, etc.). This variety is far more than I’ve experienced at other studios and introduces new challenges and complexity to each workout. I also love the community I’ve built at McKinney Movement Center. The owner makes it a point to talk to everyone, the instructors get to know me as a person, and I’ve made genuine friends in class. If you’re up for a challenge - take Jaclyn’s Power class. You won’t regret it!! "

Meet Shannon & Phil

Phil : " I'm an avid golfer and I love the mobility and balance work I get from Pilates. It has helped my golf game quite a bit and we really like our Instructor, Jaclyn, as she does a very good job of customizing the exercises to our specific needs. My posture has gotten much better since doing Pilates also, and I love the ability to come in each session and do something new. We are never doing the same thing twice, always learning something new and building on it. "

Shannon :

"I started Pilates because I had a lot of back problems and ended up having a back surgery. I wasn't motivated to come at first and Phil encouraged me to go by saying he'd go with me. So we started out with Duet sessions once a week and fell in love with it! Now we do group classes and our duets. The extreme knowledge that the Instructors have here at MMC is so amazing. They can look at our bodies and see when certain muscles are firing or aren't and help us figure out what we need to do to work on that and build more connection. I can't believe how strong my core is at my age and NOW I can really chase the grandkids and lift them! "

Meet Fay

" I have been doing Pilates for better than 6 years, both Mat and Equipment Pilates. I fell in love with the equipment classes because of the way it makes me feel and move - the resistance training, the stretching... and you can do so much on it! It's amazing what the Instructors come up with and I really love the challenge and that's why I keep coming to MMC. Every time I come to class there is always a difference between the class before it, it's never the same. The instructors here really make a difference because they care, the attention to detail is there like no where else I have trained. One of their first questions when you walk in the door is, "is everything ok with you today?"
and I really love that and the individual attention. I don't want to be injured, so I really love the one on one attention even in the group classes. At MMC it's not about the numbers. As I'm aging, I am focusing more and more on balance, building my bone density, and obtaining better posture all of which my classes at MMC help me with! "

Meet Vivien

"I started taking sessions at MMC a year and a half ago because my friend's daughter trained with Emily as a pre-professional dancer. I take Pilates equipment classes 3 times a week. I tried a Private Session with Emily and fell in LOVE with the Gyrotonic® Method. I enjoy playing badminton and dancing (Ballet and Traditional Chinese Dance) on a regular basis and I feel like the sessions all help me so much, especially the Gyrotonic because it helps me with strengthening my core. My body feels so much more balanced and I can tell that it has helped me to build up my muscles in my legs too! I really like MMC Pilates classes because they help me make sure to use the proper muscles and form - it is Traditional Pilates, not the sport kind, so you will feel real change and adjustments and results. My back and neck always feel so much better after my sessions!"

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